Teddy Roosevelt

Early Life

People in the 1900s didn't have the same technology as we do now. They didn't have cellphones, computers, videogames etc. The education had really low standards they attend school for a few years and then go find work. Some people who worked in factories are men, women, and children. the conditions were bad and were paid low wages.

What makes them a Progressive

he took on captains of industries and argued for a new government, he went though legislation that gave ICC new powers to set railroad rates, he built up the navy and sent it around the world.

Teddy Roosevelts Acconplishments

he built up the navy, he made the bull moose party, he was made a law because of what the muckrakers pointed out in a book about the meat, and he also got a noble peace prize in 1906

why did you reseach this person

I researched this person because I know more about him that any of the choices I wanted to choose him because I thought it would be easy