5B Update

Mrs. Guengerich's Class

May Newsletter

Wrapping Up the Year!

The warmer weather is here and summer is right around the corner. This month we look forward to finishing the year strong with Buddy Lunch/Field Day, the Mile to Go Program, and our Open House. In early June, we will culminate the year with our Fifth Grade Reflection ceremony. Please join us on the morning of Wednesday, June 1, to celebrate the exciting transition of our students from Lower School into Middle School. More information will be coming soon on this moving ceremony.

What Happened in April?

In language arts and writing, creative ideas are flowing in writers' workshops as our authors continue to express themselves with their opinions and their poetry. We are also pushing ahead in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. In grammar, the students are learning about adverbs and prepositions, and they are excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel for vocabulary and spelling lessons. In literature, we are wrapping up our final novel, Journey to Topaz. This award-winning book gives students a glimpse into the hardships and struggles of a Japanese-American family in California during the early 1940s. Thank you to so many parents for accompanying us on our field trip last month to Japan Town in San Jose. The students were avid listeners as the docents told stories of Japanese-American internment. Everyone, parents and students alike, learned so much and enjoyed out Japanese lunch together at Kubota.
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In math, we are working on our review of customary and metric measurement. This will be followed by geometry/volume lessons in which we encounter 2-3 dimensional figures, triangle classification, and volume of solid figures. Amazingly, we still encounter many problems with fractions where we are performing all operations and simplifying as well. A 5th Grade Math Assessment Test will be given at the end of May. This will help determine placement for 6th grade math. ALEKS is a wonderful tool to use to review 5th grade concepts; it will also be available for most students during the summer.

The ominous 50 States Test is done! Students breathed a huge sigh of relief last Thursday to not only be done with ERB testing, but also with studying the 50 states. Our state reports are coming to a conclusion in social studies. While we are presenting, we will also be returning to our review of history with lessons on Manifest Destiny and the Civil War.

I think many parents will agree that some of our Fifth Graders are starting to act like Sixth Graders! Please encourage your child to keep up the good work with organization and taking responsibility for their own learning. I am looking forward to our last full month with these fantastic students!


Mrs. Guengerich