Arthur Family S'More

Chapter 6: Childhood Illnesses

Detailed Directions

Chapter 6 helps us to understand the early childhood professional's role in promoting children's heath in young children helping us to better understand the signs and symptoms of a number of illnesses that may be seen in children.

For the online portion of class this week you will be heading online to explore a health-related website that parents can access to learn more and promote health for their children. You will find the link to the website is below.

When you have completed the assigned activity, you will be directed to answer some reflective questions to bring to class on Tuesday OR to place in the appropriate Dropbox on Talon IF you will not be in class on that date.

Arthur Family Health Website

When you arrive on the Arthur Family Health website, linked below, you will see an introductory post and a featured video. The tabs across the top will take you to pages to learn more about:

· Asthma

· Peanut Allergy

· Nutrition

· Resilience

· Fitness

You are assigned to choose ONE of these topics for your exploration activity. Go to that page and read/watch everything offered there. There will be as sub-pages entitled:

· The Basics

· Games and Activities

· Videos

Each of these sub-pages has additional links to explore with specific activities and resource information. EXPLORE ALL OF THESE.

Arthur Health S'More Assignment to Turn In

When you have finished exploring your chosen topic, write a 1-2 page report with details covering what you learned about the topic as well as your evaluation of the information you explored. Include the following paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: Give a detailed summary of the topic you explored on the Arthur website.

Paragraph 2: Evaluate the information. Is it child-friendly? Parent-friendly? Accurate? Engaging? Developmentally appropriate?

Paragraph 3: Imagine that you are a parent with a child who would be helped in the situation you are exploring. Explain why you believe this website would be worthwhile or not. Make sure you give very specific examples of what aspects of the website you would find more helpful and which aspects would be less helpful.

Bring your paper with you to class on Tuesday. If you will NOT be in class, please turn this in to the appropriate Dropbox on Talon for this lesson.