Chicago Kids Yoga

Customized Kids Yoga Programs When & Where You Want It

Out of the Studio & Into the Community

We're a full-service mobile yoga collective. Chicago Kids Yoga connects kids & families with the gift of yoga in the most convenient way possible. We come to you.

Having families of our own, we know what it's like to run from one activity to another. That's why we designed our specialized kids yoga programs to support today's busy lifestyles. Considering the numerous benefits of yoga, we all need a chance to practice.

You'll find Chicago Kids Yoga

  • hosting the 2014 Chicago Kids Yoga Fest
  • teaching after school programs
  • providing yoga inspired warm-ups and cool-downs for sports teams
  • supporting dancers and gymnasts with an asana practice
  • hosting yoga themed birthday parties
  • leading kids & family yoga for parent's groups
  • guiding the practice for youth organizations, and
  • performing seva, or selfless service, teaching for free in Chicago's yoga deserts

Not Your Grownup Yoga Class

Each class is designed with our student's individual developmental needs in mind. Our teachers consider sensory integration, proprioception, emotional awareness and personal ability when customizing a program that offers laughter and imagination as well as instruction.

During class students learn pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (postures or poses), games that review the asana practice, stories about the history of yoga and meditation. After each session kids walk away with their creative expression exploring the highlights from class and parents get an email with a class plan outline so they can continue the practice at home.

Schedule a Class Today!

Jen Robertson, RYT, President of Chicago Kids Yoga LLC is available to answer any of your questions. As a mother of two and a lifelong student of yoga, she is dedicated to spreading the healing energy of a yoga and meditation practice to all.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: May all beings be happy and free and may my life be in service to that goal.