Stolen Cheese?

The blind mice won't be running for long

Moster Mouse Strikes the Clock

Jerry, a mobster mouse associated with the misdemeanor of the 3 blind mice Arrest, appeared today in front of the grand jury under a court subpoena to defend his actions so he will not be faced with a indictment in the prosecution of Robert, Tim, and John (rat pack) aka. 3 blind mice. The convicted trio are currently placed under a 900$ cheese bail until arraignment for court meeting can take place with a proper Peitit Jury and Judge. Public Defender Tom the Cat works together with Jerry the Defendant in this plea bargaining appeal to Judge Quackers the duck. Jerry the Witness will be placed under and oath, and if he lies, the Prejury of his actions will most likely give away the Verdict in this mis-happening.

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Another Days work