By Mack Sawatzky

What is a frog

A frog is an amphibian it has 2 long back legs to jump and a long sticky tongue. There are many different frog species in the world. You can see a gold frog in a rainforest also purple or an orange one too but stay away from these ones their poisonous.

Frog Habitats

Frogs live in many different places. You can find a Green frog in a pond or a brown frog in a log. Frogs Live all over the world except Antarctica.


This frog has is head tilted to is side like a dog so I call it frogdog

What frogs eat

Frogs eat lots of bugs like a fly or a mosquito some big Frogs eat small spiders and smaller frogs!

bullfrog eats anything!!!

Bullfrog Hunts...Anything!

How frogs eat

A frog can fool its prey because it doesn't have any claws or fangs showing. So the prey is fooled by running across a frogs line of view and then jumps on it and eats. Other animals think they are harmless.

Frog Cousins

A frog cousin is a toad. A toad is almost the same but does not

need any water because it has rough skin. It only needs water to drink. Toads are not the same because toads are mostly brown.
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