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A circle is formed by cutting a circular cone with a plane perpendicular to the symmetry axis of the cone. A circle is also the set of all points that are equidistant from the center.


Hey there!

I am really hoping to meet new and exciting singles in hopes to find the perfect match for me!

Pizza is my favorite food, but I also enjoy oranges and doughnuts! I love going out into the sun, and playing beach volleyball in the summer is my favorite thing to do. I make money by being a professional sumo wrestler, my opponents just can't keep me outta the ring! Don't worry though, I'll go easy on you ;).

I'd love to hear more about you, so hit me up if you wanna set up a round rendezvous!

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An ellipse is formed by cutting a three dimensional cone with a slanted plane.

Eli Spies

Hey ladies, I'm Eli and I can't wait t0 get t0 kn0w all ya fine ladies.

I am an astr0m0mer, that means I l0ve science y0! Saturn is my fav0rite planet in our s0lar system. You can rec0gnize me ar0und t0wn because I'll be driving ar0und town in my 2014 T0y0ta prius, I'm all ab0ut the envir0nment. I am a huge Batman fan, he is my fav0rite superher0 0ut there! My fav0rite thing t0 eat is eggs, I like them c00ked any way, but hard b0iled is my fav0rite.

S0 if there are any ladies 0ut there wh0 wanna help me l00k at the stars, save the envir0ment 0ne mpg at a time and eat a wh0le lotta eggs just send a message my way!

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A parabola is formed by intersecting the plane through the cone and the top of the cone.

Paris Bowlé


I am just your average parabola looking for love! I am from France, in fact, I used to live in Paris, home of le tour Eiffel. I moved to les Etats Unis a few years ago, and as much as I love America, I do miss the Eiffel tower. Dolphins are my absolute favorite animal, I love to watch them jump out of the water! I work at McDonald's for a living, and although it isn't the most glamorous job, I am good at it. One other thing you may want to know about me is that I love rainbows, I always have ever since I was un enfant

À bientôt!

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A hyperbola is formed when a plane slices the top and bottom section of the cone.

Howard Loveless

Hey there!

I'm a nuclear power technician, I work at the cooling tower. I live in Seattle Washington, home of the famous Space Needle. In my spare time I love playing Basketball! I was really good back in my college days. I try to play a game or two at least once a week. One other thing that is really important to me is my hourglass collection! I love the curves of the glass, they look so smooth. I really hope I can meet a nice girl out there who wouldn't mind a one-on-one game at the court!

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*All images are labeled for reuse and were taken from Google images

*All facts about the conic sections were taken from http://www.wyzant.com/resources/lessons/math/algebra/conic_sections