Sendera Ranch Elementary

Fifth Grade

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Baker--Math,
Mrs. Franco--Language Arts,
Mrs. Gomez--Science,
Mrs. Swearingen--Language Arts,

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Important Events

  • Monday, February 9: Progress Reports
  • Friday, February 13: Sock Hop, 11:50-12:45
  • Friday, February 13: V-Day Party, 1:30
  • Monday, February 16: No School
  • Friday, February 20: Wilson Middle School Tour, 8:30-1:30
  • Tuesday, February 24: Wilson Middle School Parent Meeting/Enrollment, 6PM
  • Wednesday, February 25: Author Visit, 9:45-10:30
  • Friday, February 27: End of Fourth Six Weeks
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Wilson Middle School Tour and Parent Meeting

On Friday, February 20, our students will be traveling to Wilson Middle School to start the sixth grade transition. We will go by bus and get to witness several parts of the typical middle school day. Please be sure to return your child's permission slip for this day.

Tuesday, February 24 is the parent meeting and student enrollment. The meeting will take place in the Wilson Middle School Cafeteria. This is located in the back of the school. The meeting will start at 6PM and then we will split by elementary school to complete student enrollment forms. This meeting is mandantory for all incoming sixth graders and their parents.

Reading Stampede - Sendera Ranch Elementary


Last week in reading students took their STAAR benchmark. This gives us a great indication of how they will do on our upcoming assessment in March. Be looking for letters with your child’s results this week. We will be using this information to guide instruction during class and during after school tutoring.


This week our spelling words are the states of the northwest (plus Hawaii). Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii

Please encourage your child to study both the spelling and the location of these states. After this week they should be able to locate all the 50 states in the United States of America!

Social Studies/Writing:

In language arts and social studies, 5th graders are diving in to another DBQ (document based question). They will analyze documents (letters, photographs, and articles) about the Gold Rush of 1849. Through their research students will determine if they think the Gold Rush was worth it.

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Supplies Needed!

We are in desperate need of:


If you could please send some in with your child, we would greatly appreciate it!

Student Illness

When students are not feeling well at school, they are sent to Nurse Wiggins. She will evaluate their symptoms and determine whether the student is well enough to return to class or not.

Please rest assured, that if your child is not well enough to return to class, Nurse Wiggins will notify you with a phonecall. If you child sends you a text message or calls you during the school day, they are using their cell phone without permission. Per the elementary student code of conduct, "Mobile devices should remained silenced and out of sight during the school day, unless allowed by a teacher for educational purposes."

We truly appreciate your help with this. We do not want to spread illness and will do our best to keep you informed of your child while they are at school.


This week in math students are beginning their learning of content from Module 9. Your child will begin the week learning how to multiply a fraction by a whole number. We will use picture models such as arrays to model what it visually looks like to multiply a number by a fraction that is less than one. By the end of the week, students should have a solid grasp on how to multiply fractions (or mixed numbers) by whole numbers and be able to explain their thinking either in words or with the use of models. Students will also practice performing conversions between ounces and pounds. Students will take a test in class on Tuesday, February 10th over content learned from Modules 8 and 9.

Additional math practice can be found on Stride Academy or Think Through Math.


Students are taking the district Earth and Space Science Assessment this week. This will be entered into the grade book as a summative assessment grade.

Next up, students will start learning about Life Science concepts. During this unit we will create living Eco-Columns. For this activity, I am in need of two liter bottles. If you have any extras around the house....please send them in. The more the merrier!

Fifth Grade Field Trip--Perot Musuem

We are so excited to get to share with you that the fifth grade class is going to visit the Perot Museum of Science for our year-end field trip!!!

The cost per student will be $15.00. The date of the field trip will be Monday, May 18.

The permission slip and chaperone information will follow. We just wanted to give everyone advance notice, due to the cost.

What an amazing opportunity for our group!

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