May Literacy Newsletter 2016

Goodbye to a wonderful year of learning and growing

May 27th is Just Around the Corner

Pretty soon classroom desks will be as empty as those in this background. Are you more than ready, or do you feel like there is never enough time to teach what needs to be taught? No matter what your feelings are about this school year, we have a lot of reasons to celebrate and be proud. In honor of teacher appreciation week, let's reflect on some of the Broncho magic that came out of the 2015-2016 school year.

Grammar Matters

In a meeting with Meramec professors, I was shocked to see the pretest given to college freshman that a lot of students fail. The test had questions about verb tense, run-on sentences, and punctuation. One of the usage questions even asked students to identify the difference between "right" and "write." Not surprisingly, grammar has fallen in importance compared to the enormous number of concepts students have to learn throughout their school career. Sometimes it doesn't seem as important as growing strong readers and writers. However, in order to be strong and effective communicators, students must learn the rules of standard english.

So, how do we do we find time to teach grammar and make it stick? First, try to incorporate grammar into what you are already doing. The best time to teach a grammar concept in during writing time. Consider chunking grammar concepts into short, manageable pieces makes it easier to remember. Students also need practice applying the concepts right away. If you can't seem to fit grammar lessons into your writing time, something is better than nothing. Bellwork or morning work are other easy places to incorporate grammar via sentence correcting as long as students are able to practice the new skill and understand why it is important for their written communication.

The following is a video about apostrophes (it even covers what to do with a noun ending in "s"- a hot topic.) This video is one of twenty- two that cover various writer's workshop concepts: the comma story, how to use a semicolon, verbal irony, slowing down time, and many more. All videos are high quality and less than five minutes. Enjoy!

When to use apostrophes - Laura McClure

Bayless Recognition Night

The annual Bayless Recognition Night honored many faculty, volunteers, and retirees this last Friday, May 6th. Here are the names of those who work hard for our students every day that were recognized this year: Congratulations to all of our teachers, administrators, and staff for everything you do to make Bayless School District the amazing place it continues to be.

District Teacher of the Year Finalists

Elementary--Shelly Meyer- District Teacher of the Year

Junior High--Nathan Williams

High School--Cheryl Martini

Rising Star Finalists

Adam Ball- Rising Star for 2016

Lauren Lakin

Matt Loomis

Staff Person of the Year Finalists

Rahman Deliu

Bob Eckhardt- Staff Person of the Year 2016

Fadil Hamidovic

Sanela Jugovic

Broncho Award Recipients

Lindsay Jameson

William Brahan

Kelly Klocke

Triple Crown Award Recipient

Melinda Brown

Bascom Award Recipient

Sally Wear

Volunteer Recognition

Jan Bruenger

Joice Carrawell

Alan Koch

Sharon Shoemaker


Mary Forst

Barb Gewinner

Betty Hardin

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