Stephanie Kwolek

By Kayla Mulrine

Background Information

Stephanie Kwolek was born in New Kensington P,A on July 31,1923. Her parents' names were John and Jan Kwolek. She had no siblings. When Stephanie Kwolek was young she loved to go with her Father in the back yard and around the house to study the plants and animals. Also her mother was a stay at home mother so she learned how to sew and how to designing cloths. When she was older she attended Carnegie Mellon University and had gotten a mayor in Chemistry. She wanted to go to medical school but she found out that was to much money that she did not have. Ms. Kwolek did not get married so she could not have any kids. She was interviewed for chemical research position at DuPont she liked it so she stayed. Stephanie Kwolek died June 18,2014.

Important Inventions and other Accomplishments

Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar . When Kevlar is layered it is strong enough to stop buillts from killing you. Sometimes she would work with others to make Kevlar . Some people said it could not be done. But it was still done. She saved many peoples lives.
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