Secondary School Newsletter

News from the BMS Secondary School May 2016


Dear Parents,

May has proven to be an exciting and busy month for Secondary School, with IGCSE and DP Examinations, Secondary Camps to international destinations throughout Europe, as well as the first signs of the BMS Building Project for our school campus.

Today is indeed a very special day for BMS and for our Grade 12s as their very final examination takes place this afternoon with an impromptu, surprise celebration for our students and teachers immediately following the exams. We look forward to celebrating with them today and commemorating this milestone for BMS. Moreover, I personally look forward to celebrating their graduation with our school community on June 3, 2016 and formally saying goodbye to our first class of BMS students.

I hope you enjoy reading the news and updates below from our academic and pastoral care program below and look forward to updating you with more news from the Secondary School next month.

Best regards,

Silke Friedrich

Executive Director

News from the Middle School

Dear Parents

May is another busy month for the Middle school. Grade 10 students are working hard to complete their IGCSE and MSA exams. By the end of the month, almost all the exams will be finished and they will be ready for Camp. It is important that they hand in their Medical and Behaviour Agreement Forms to Ms Casella as soon as possible. After the Camp week, they will be returning to school to complete their MSA studies and prepare for the IB Programme.

Grade 9 had a very successful trip to Rome and by all accounts was very enjoyable. As their Internship draws closer (20 May - 1 June 2016) they should make use that work placements are secure. If support is needed please speak to Ms Petricic.

Grades 6-8 returned from their Camp trips with lots of stories and adventures from their travels. Please see our website for pictures from their class trips activities.

Grade 8 students and parents attended a successful IGCSE Expo evening where they had an opportunity to hear further details about the IGCSE, MSA and IB Diploma Programmes.

Finally, just a quick look into June to remember that End of Semester exams for Grades 6-9 will take place on 13-17 June 2016.

News from Senior School

May has been very much a tale of two classes in the IB Diploma programme, as expressed by the two images attached. While Grade 11 were frolicking in the rain in Barcelona, Grade 12 were sweating their way through final exams here in Berlin, with the last one to conclude today, 20th May at 3pm (teachers be warned!). It seems only fitting that Grade 11 were taking a breather close to the halfway point of their IB journey, with much hard work ahead of them through June (mock exams) and July (TOK presentations, English Orals and the start of the Maths IA).

But of course the spotlight is on Grade 12 who celebrate their last day of school today before being set free upon the world. Rumour has it that many of them will be descending on Tuscany for a week to work on their tan for our fantastic graduation on Friday 3rd June. I am also very excited that the event will be MC'd by two of our Grade 11 students with others helping out on the night - a great example of collaboration across the two year groups!

Please find here news about an upcoming CAS initiative from a group of Grade 11 Students:

On the 10th of June, there will be a fundraiser Quiz Night hosted by some grade 11 students in the context of their CAS Project. All proceeds raised go to a local organization called Madonna Mädchen Kultur, which is located in Neukölln, Berlin. The organization mainly supports girls, but boys as well, that have a complicated home life. They help the children cope with school work and other issues that hinder them from achieving their full potential. Madonna Mädchen Kultur also organizes a summer festival each year for their community and go on trips with the children. If you are interested to find out more about them here is the website:

If you are interested, and think you got what it takes, come participate in our Quiz Night! Get together a team of 5-6 people. If you have any further questions regarding the Quiz Night and/or if you want to participate please write a conformation email to Grade 11 parents representative Delia de Simone :

Sign up deadline in May 27th!

We thank you very much!

Anton, Carla, Oliver and Tara

News from our House System and Pastoral Care

This month continued with excellent talent and entertainment on display in Assembly from staff and students with a dance battle under the theme ‘survival’. Tutor group 4 from Earth House ran the competition and raised over a € 100 for Karuna.e.v which supports homeless teenagers in Berlin.

Tutor group 2 from Air House has been collecting food donations for another charity which also supports homeless people in Berlin this has been very successful and reflects the kindness of the members of our school community.

A new initiative was introduced by tutor group 1 from Fire House in which the groups are going to be sponsoring an orangutan. The group held an informative assembly highlighting the effects of buying products with palm oil and deforestation on the habitats of these endangered animals.

Last of all, the students had an assembly lead by the Secondary Counsellor on internet safety and social media.

Today we had a very enjoyable Tug of War Competition, see photos below, which was won by Fire House.

Coming up next month we have a debate competition and a House bake off. May the best House win!

Mr. Sebastian Saunders

Please feel free to ask questions or place inquiries.

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