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Please be our guest at our product launch event

Triple Lipid Restore Product Launch

Friday, April 15th, 11am-2pm

617 South Saginaw Road

Midland, MI

What does Triple Lipid Restore do?

It’s an anti-aging treatment meant to refill cellular lipids – or, in other words, plump the skin. Lipids comprise the skin’s natural protective barrier, so when lipids are lacking, so is the appearance of the skin. Think bad elasticity, bad texture, you name it. Yikes. This skin quenching power product also provides some major hydration, so it’s really good for those who suffer from super dry skin. But don’t be fooled, the texture is light, so it’s not going to make you breakout.

  • A potent daily use formulation helps restore surface lipids and support skins natural self-repair
  • Reduces the signs of accelerated aging with a maximized concentration of ceramides, natural cholestrol, and omega fatty acids
  • Leaves skin fuller, smoother, and more youthful
  • Anti-aging Lipid Replenishment Treatment
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Specials offers during the event

  • 10% off all Jen's Skincare and Makeup
  • Receive a free sunscreen of your choice with an vitamin C purchase (up to $40) value)
  • Receive a free Skinceuticals mirror with $150 purchase
  • Goody Bags with sample of Triple Lipid Restore
  • Purchase a series of of 6 micropeels and receive a free 7th peel! Plus a free resvratrol ($162 value)
  • 20% off any jewelry order

To celebrate the launching of our new collections we are excited to offer 20% off your jewelry order.

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