Staff Development Day - Term 2

Day 1 of 2 - 2013

What's happening?

With the introduction of the Australian Curriculum looming we have been given an additional SDD to focus on our preparations in readiness for 2014 (English, Maths, Science & History). The two days provides faculties with an opportunity to sink their teeth into planning and professional learning within your specific key learning areas.

Session 1 - The SEED Project

Presenter: Rachel Taylor
Duration: 20 mins

Background: This session looks at investigating ways in which we as teachers can better support our students with the ultimate goal of shifting students up into a higher band in the HSC.

Mandatory Training - Child Protection

Session 2: CPR Training (limited participants)

This is a required session for any staff member who will be attending a camp in 2013. This session is limited to 20 people. Please let Suellen know if you will be attending the Yr 9 Camp, Yr 11 Camp or the PASS Ski Camp.