What you need to know

What it is and how it works

Twitter is a social media site that helps connects you with your friends and family. Businesses can use it to help connect them to the customers and employees. Individuals can post different pictures or statues to show their followers to see.

Business World

Smaller businesses can gain followers who want to be informed about the business. Bigger businesses like McDonalds buys adds that people can see if their not even following them. Businesses can also montior their employees and look at what they post.

Advantages of social media

Social media like twitter can be used by friends and family's to connect with eachother. And also can be used by businesses to connect with customers and employees.

Disadventages of social media

Social media can be used by identity theifs that can gain basic infomation for their benifit. It can also hinder your chances of being hired if embarressing or inappropriatematerial.