By Kylee

Lebanon's the Gross Demestic Product per capita is $15,800. (Economy)

Elementary education is necessary for woman to vote, but men have no choice. (Political)

Both Christian's and Muslims in Lebanon worship Islams Five Pillars of Faith. (Social)

Arabic is mainly used in Lebanon and has 28 letters. (social)

Nearly everyday in Lebanon is sunny, 300 days. (Geographic)

On a normal summer day it's hot and dry with an average of 90%. winters are rainy with an average of 57%. (Geographic)

November 22 is independence day in Lebanon. (Political)


Beirut is the capital city in Lebanon with a population of 2.022 million people.


Lebanese currency isn't the same worth as it was before the war.


Lebanon is inbetween Israel and Syria, and bordering the Meditteranian sea.


Lebanon language is written from right to left in a cursive format. In school french and English are taught as a second language.

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