Suicide Prevention

What can you do?

Suicide is preventable.

Suicide is a tragic incident in which a person dies by self directed injury with intent to die. Its a terrible thing that people feel the need to harm themselves, but it can be prevented. One of the first steps is recognizing the signs.

Someone might be considering suicide if:

  • They talk about wanting to die, feeling hopeless, feeling trapped, being a burden
  • They are looking for ways to kill oneself
  • There is an increase in their use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • They are acting anxious/agitated or with reckless behavior
  • They are sleeping too little or too much
  • THey are withdrawing/ feeling isolated
  • They are showing rage or are wanting to seek revenge
  • They have extreme mood swings

How to Help

When discussing suicide:

  • Be direct
  • Show your support
  • Be willing to listen and be accepting
  • Don't dare the person or act shocked
  • Do not be judgmental
  • Be aware of how they feel

Do NOT be secretive, even if the person asks you to. Getting help can save a life.

If someone is considering suicide, get help. Tell a counselor, teacher, or trusted adult about the situation. If the person needs someone to talk with, the suicide hotline is

1-800-273-TALK or is a site where you can online chat with someone who will help. If the person is in real danger, get them to a hospital emergency room, psychiatric hospital walk-in, emergency room, or call 911.

Did you know...

  • In 2008, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in America.
  • That same year, someone died of suicide every 13.7 minutes in America.
  • Between 1952 and 1995, the number of suicides in young adults nearly tripled.