Louis Armstrong

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Louis Armstrong grew up in poor family in a rough part of New Orleans which was sometimes called the "Battlefield" by locals. He started working in fifth grade playing music on corners for pennies, collecting junk, or delivering coal.On New Years Eve 1912 Armstrong fired his stepfather's gun in the air...with no bullet and was arrested on the spot. Louis was sent to the Colored Waif's Home For Boy's. There he had musical training on the cornet and fell in love with music.After he got out of the Home for Boy's in 1914 he dreamed of a life of music.One of the Greatest cornet players in town Joe "King" Oliver began acting like a mentor to Armstrong, showing him tips on how to play the horn.In 1918 Louis Armstrong married Daisy Parker and adopted his cousin's son because the baby's mother had died in childbirth.In 1918 Louis replaced Oliver in Kid Ory's Band and he stopped manual labor jobs to fully concentrate on music. In 1922 Armstrong went to Chicago to join Oliver in his Creole Jazz band on second cornet. On April 5, 1923 Louis Armstrong recorded his first solo on "Chimes Blues". From 1925-1928 Armstrong had a band called "Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five". He recorded over 60 albums, he created inspirational albums with Bessie Smith, Sidney Bechet, and many other great performers.In 1926 he switched from the cornet to his famous trumpet.When Armstrong went to his European tour his lips started hurting and he had a fight with his manager... Who stranded him in Europe. 2 years later Armstrong went back to see that he had no band or recording contracts anymore.He regained popularity and was successful for the rest of his life.

Modern Day Connection

I connect Louis Armstrong to Micheal Jackson because they both evolved a type of music. They both started very poor and worked towards fame and fortune, they both had multiple divorces, both worked in a group before becoming solo artists, and both men were African American. Eerily both artists also died of heart problems. Louis Armstrong was a strong performer and he always brought a fun and vibrant energy to the stage, Micheal Jackson created the modern music video in which a story is told.
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What a Wonderful World Significance

This was one of Louis Armstrong's most famous songs. This song was the most important song to Armstrong because it is about the happiness he spread. He sang about the kids in his neighborhood which he was a father figure to and he got to watch them grow up.
Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

His Contributions to American Culture

Louis Armstrong was a very revolutionary artist who would break down many barriers for African American artists. He contributed to making jazz sound the way it does today. he scatted (which is when you use your voice as an instrument) which laid the foundation for Capella. Jazz is considered the most important cultural "export" from America.