Presidio HS

District Support Day #3: 2/11/16

Today's Agenda:

  • Discuss Questioning
  • Review Resources
  • Planning Time: embed questions and activities for student questioning in upcoming lesson plans

Thinking About Questioning:

3 questions YOU asked your students today

2 questions students asked YOU today

1 question you WISHED you had asked your students today

What level are the questions you are asking fall? Who is asking the majority of the questions?

The Focus: Figure 19! Inferential Thinking

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Questioning to Promote Thinking

How are you questioning your students? How are they questioning one another?

  • Pre-planning Higher Order Thinking Questions in lesson plans
  • Focused Shift: Student questioning through sticks, wheels, mats, etc.
  • Reminder: T-TESS evaluation tie in
  • See ELAR "sticks" here
  • Use a Random Generator:
  • Socratic Seminar, "Speed Dating", THINKING while reading...Figure 19 tie in
  • DOK chart from Alice Keeler's blog
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T-TESS Evaluation Tie In

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TEKS Resource System

To note: Resources --> Question Stems

  • YAG (Year at a Glance)

  • IFD (Instructional Focus Document)

  • VAD (Vertical Alignment Document)

  • Performance Assessments

Resources Recall

Resources Recall: [utilize the discussion questions built in!]

  • Recall CommonLit for thematic paired passages & making connections; update: new search feature!

  • Don't forget Newsela for differentiated news articles by lexile level; update: new texts sets for other content areas & improved search feature [Paired Text Selections]

Check out these resources for Literacy & ELL support!

Formative Assessment

What IS a formative assessment?

“A tool that teachers use to measure student grasp of specific topics and skills they are teaching…(and) to identify specific student misconceptions and mistakes while the material is being taught.” --Stuart Kahl, 2005, page 38

The marriage of learning progressions and high-quality formative assessment strategies will answer the following key questions to guide instructor feedback:

(Hattie & Timperley, The Power of Feedback, p.81, 2007)

  • Where am I going (what are the goals)?

  • How am I going (what progress is being made toward the goal)?

  • Where do I go next (what activities need to be undertaken to make progress)?

It's all about FEEDBACK:

  • Feedback should be timely and focus on the most important learning goals.

  • Comments rather than grades yield a higher quality of work and understanding.

  • Feedback should cause thinking.

  • Feedback should be more work for the recipient than the donor.

  • Students should have class time to revise work before re-submission.

  • Feedback should be specific and task oriented.

Dylan Wiliam, Embedded Formative Assessment

Check out some examples here...

Emoji Exit Ticket

Here's a link to a download version, courtesy of @87history
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Need a Review Tool?

Assess & Engage with Kahoot!

Engage your students with an interactive and competitive review!

  • Use Kahoot! to review and interact with your students and gamify your classroom
  • Ideas: review concepts, vocabulary, grammar, elements of a STAAR rubric, classroom rules, multiple choice questions
  • Enrich: have students create their own Kahoots! to play as a class
  • Let's play! Go to
  • Ready to create your own for free?

Need a no tech option? Try Plickers!

Student Response Systems without Student Devices

Resources Review:

Recall TEA: All things STAAR

Fall update from TEA for 2016 4 and 7 STAAR Writing Test: here
  • Find released tests here
  • Find all things writing (rubrics, sample comp boxes, student samples, etc.) here
  • See 2015-2016 Testing Calendar here
  • See the updated testing Dictionary Policy here

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 1

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 1 in August:

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 2

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 2 in October:

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 3

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 3 in February:

Save These Dates!

Don't Forget Distinguished Lecture!

When: Monday, 2/15/16, 9am-4pm

Where: ESC18

Cost: $50

Register here:

Future Planning: Summer Literacy Academy

When: June 29 & 30

Where: CrossRoads Fellowship, Odessa

Cost: $100


Laura Kile

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