Water to Hydroelectric power

How do they do it by Tyler Morello?

How this happens

Water movement.

Day, down. Night, up.

The water movement from day to night is very different. In the day time the water will flow downhill through the turbines to produce electricity. During the night the water will be pushed uphill to the reservoir for the next day's use.

The effect on humans technology

The effect on humans technology will depend on the water flow. You may be wondering why all hydroelectric power plants are built on rough water. That is because the faster and more water that will pass through the generator, the more power it will generate. If a hydroelectric power plant was built on a very smooth water lake, the water will be very slow going through the generator and will not generate enough power.

The effect on humans.

The effect on humans would not be bad because when the water goes through the generator nothing bad is going in the water. The advantage is that no bad chemicals are going into the water when it is passing through the generator so you could still use the water safely.

History of hydroelectric power.

Using water for power has been around for more than 2000 years. Ancient Egyptians used water wheels to grind grain and some early Americans used it for sawing wood. The first hydroelectric power plant that opened was 1882 on the fox river near Appleton, Wisconsin. By the year of 1940 almost half of Americas electricity came from hydroelectric power.
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The Materials for hydroelectric power is very simple. All you need is water, power poles, rough fast moving water and a drop in elevation for the water to fall down past the turbine.

The effects of the tech on water.

For everyone to be happy by using their phones, internet or watching television the water flow needs to constantly be fast. Of course that won't always happen. The water may not always be up to speed and generating as much power all the time though. In order for everyone to be satisfied with hydroelectric power people need to cut down the amount of time consumed with power so that the water flow can keep up.

Effects of the tech on the environment.

The effects on the Environment is very good because the Hydro power is a renewable source. If you keep using lakes, rivers and dams for Hydro power to generate electricity you are not using up some of the limited resources like gasoline or goal.

Long term effects of Hydroelectric power.

Some of the long term effects of hydroelectric power are that it will effect the migration patterns of fish. It will allow for settling of sediments behind the dam. Lastly it will allow more weight on the fault line that will form a lot of river valleys.


The explanation of Hydroelectric power and how it works is that water can be used for pretty much anything you need. I never thought that water could be used to make power, but all it does is spin a generator and it goes to the hydro poles and converts it into hydroelectric power.

Interesting Facts about Hydroelectric power.

The interesting facts about hydroelectric power is that water can be used to make power. How cool is that! Also Hydroelectric power is a renewable energy source.

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