Changes Over the Future

Years Over the Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution was an emergence of modern science during the early modern period in the 1500s. The cause of the revolution was that, many old ideas were gradually abandoned and a new world view came into being. It had to do with mathematics, medicine, astronomy, physicist, etc.

Who Were the People Associated With?

How did the change impact society at the time?

Area of Impact: Mathematics

The Greeks showed concern of logical mathematics. The Pythagorean was sought to find all of mathematics , but many were confounded by the discovery of in commensurable ratios in geometry.Science for Galileo involved of knowledge from a small number or mathematically formulated physical principles.It also made better solutions to create more useful technology at the time.

Area of Impact: Medicine

During the 17th and 18th centuries, many scientific and medical knowledge was advanced at a fast pace. A man named William Harvey made a discover of medicine. An experimental was when he added an experimental finding that blood is "pumped" around the body by the heart. He proved to others about the circulation of blood in the body. By the 18th century, medical science was being made quickly or developing.

How is that Change Evident in Today's Modern Society?

Today in modern society, many impacts such as mathematics, astronomy, physicist, medicine, etc. has changed a lot. In medicine today, there has been a lot of cures to diseases compared to back then in the late 1500s. Also in mathematics, there has been more ways to solve problems like how far is the galaxy, or even calculate problems with better technology.