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Henrique Lopes de Mendoca

Henrique Lopes de Mendoca was a portuguese poet, playwright, and naval officer. His close friend was a composer named Alfredo Keil. Together they wrote the lyrics of the Portugal National Anthem, which was officially approved in 1911.
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CHORUS 2 of the Portugal National Anthem

Salute the Sun that rises

On a smiling future:

Let the echo of an insult be

The signal for our revival.

The rays of that powerful dawn

Are like a mother's kisses

That protect us and support us

Against the insults of fate.


Meaning of...My Thoughts.

Sun that rises- As the days past,

A smiling future- They see the country as it comes together.

The echo of an insult be

The signal to our revival- They will sit back as a country of its own and contain the rights that they have and believe in with no problem, but if another country tries to interfere they will be ready to stand as one.

The rays of that powerful dawn

Are like a mother's kisses

That protect us and support us

Against the insults of fate.-With the compassion and the heart of their country no one will stand between them, especially those who try to break their country , their rules apart.

Portugal National Anthem English lyrics

Background Information

In the 19th century the Portugal Anthem was written by the Republicans. The Republicans were upset over British ultimatum to Portugal regarding Africa. Later there began numerous protest against monarchy (state or nation) . At this time Portugal became popular.

The Chorus of the Anthem

The anthem speaks of their embarrassment ( which is how the Portuguese saw the British ) . The Last line of the chorus ( the first chorus) read "Against the British we march, we march" .

The Republicans!

The Republicans had an outstanding success in the Monarchy and soon replaced with a democratic government.

The Nation Anthem

The Portugal National Anthem was shortly passed after 1911.

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Henrique Lopes de Mendoca

Born; July 3 1856

Died: August 24 1931 at the age of 75. Mostly known for writer of the lyrics of the Portugal National Anthem.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Early Life

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Portugal Location and Population


Portugal is located in Southwestern Eourope in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal borders Spain to the North and East and the Atlantic Ocean to South and West.


The population of Portugal is numbered 10,048,232 in July 2000.

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