from Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Nathan

Melting in your Mouth Chocolate

Have you ever ate a hershey's bar? Well a bunch of people like it! Do you know how chocolate starts?

from Tree's to Factory

Chocolate begin's as a cocoa bean.First,the people who grew the cocoa tree cut the cocoa beans with a sharp knife.Then,the people open the pods.They put the beans out to dry for many days.

from Factory to Store

Before the cocoa bean is made into chocolate the beans are loaded onto a train that takes the beans to a factory.Then,the shells get taken off the beans.Next the beans are roasted they are cooked while roasting.Then,the beans get mixed with milk and sugar. Then the chocolate is poured and molded.Finally,the chocolate is taken out of the molds and wrapped.

the History of Chocolate

Chocolate has been around for over 100 years! Chocolate is made from cows.The native americans were the very first people to find out about chocolate. Did you know that hershey's kisses have delighted customers since 1907!

Fun Facts about Chocolate

Chocolate is a yummy treat to eat! Have you ever used chocolate to bake a cake or cupcake? there are lots of different kinds of chocolate! chocolate can be used for many different things!
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