Woodlands Early First Nations


Social Organization

There was usually fewer than 400 people in a hunting group. Each hunting group owned their own hunting area. Each person tried to get something for themselves. Usually each person would share after they got their food.

Food resources

What do they like to eat?

The Woodlands loved to get their own food. They went hunting lots. They hunted for animals with spears, arrows and bows. They went fishing for fish. They went berry picking sometimes.They ate lots of meat.


What did they make there houses out of?

They built their homes out of poles and they also used woven rush mats of caribou skin called tipis. It turned out nice and beautiful. Some tipis had cool designs on them. Most tipis were very huge and some were smaller.

Modes of Transportation

How did they get around?

Some people made canoes. They constructed birch bark canoes that were light. They made them light so they can carry them around easily to different places. They were all different colours.


What did they make their clothing out of?

They made their clothing from animal skin. They had moose skin and deer skin and caribou skin. They made their clothes cool. Their clothes were nice and furry.

Spiritual Beliefs

What did they believe in?

The stories that they believed in came from elders. They were passed on from elders to kids. In the Woodlands they mostly all believed in the same thing. Only some people believed in different things, but not many. They mostly share them to the kids then the kids share it to other people.