By Alyssa Johnson


3.288 million sq miles (8.516 million km²)

Brazil capital


Brazil Terrian

its mostly water and grass
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two seasons: the rainy (summer) and the dry season (winter).

Brazil population

196.7 million

Ethnic group

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Brazil languages

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Brazil agriculture

Brazil has lots of fields
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Brazil currency

their money looks way different then ours

Brazil major religion

Like most of South America, the predominant religion in Brazil is Roman Catholic.
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Brazil two historical facts

Brazil has the 10th highest number of vehicle owners in the world
The world’s best and most delicious coffee is produced in Brazil.

Type government Brazil has.

The government of Brazil is a Federal Republic

Famous people in brazil

Edison Arantes do Nascimento

Lúcio Costa

Oscar Niemeyer

famous singers in brazil

famous athlete from the country in Brazil

• Skateboarding
• Inline skating
• Athletics
• Swimming
• Judo
• Sailing
• Horse riding
• Boxing
• Curling
• Water polo
• Roller hockey
• Cricket
• Surfing
• American football

country’s president/leader in Brazil

Dilma Rousseff