SIG @ Emory Day Program 2014

July 6, 2014

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From the Director's Desk

I cannot believe that we are entering our final week of SIG! The time has truly flown by for us. We hope that your children have enjoyed their time with us. We have certainly enjoyed our time with them.

Please continue reading for more highlights from classes as well as reminders and upcoming events this week.

Building Blocks of Engineering

During the week of June 27th students continued to develop a fundamental understanding of the engineering process. We focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content in an integrated fashion through exploration and experimentation. We learned about the metric system and how to convert measurements to metric units. Students were engaged in designing, constructing, and testing bridges and cars. Because engineering activities are based on real-world technologies and problems, the hands-on investigations helped the students see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their lives.

Eureka! Inventive Minds at Work

Your child in Eureka! Inventive Minds at Work has made a lot of progress on his or her invention! We have narrowed our choices down to 3 final problems, and we have spent the last 2-3 days researching the problems. If possible, please ask your child to spend 10-15 minutes using the website to research one of the problems at home. The general questions they are answering are, "Does anything like my invention already exist? If yes, how will mine be different?". Some students have completed their research, so don't be concerned if your child says that this is done. Thanks for your support!

Simple Machines, Complex Designs

This week we investigated how simple machines use effort to exert force on a load. We experimented by building simple machines out of everyday items. Students made levers out of rulers, built and raced lego cars (wheel and axles) down inclined planes, used the weight of coins to demonstrate effort, and compared wedges and screws by seeing how both are used in building. Next week we will continue our exploration by combining simple machines to create a complex machine that will complete some sort of task! I'm excited to see what tasks the students come up with for their machines to accomplish!

Rainforests: Tropical Treasures

This week we explored the wooded area behind Emory and compared the forests of North America with the rain forests around the globe. Students were able to experience first hand the layers of the rainforest in a natural hot, humid, and wooded environment. (It was as close to a real rainforest as we could imagine!) To finish up the week students created their own terrariums using tropical plants, potting soil, pebbles, and a 2-liter bottle; they then had to explain 5 similarities and differences between their terrarium and the real rainforest. Next week we will continue exploring the global role of rainforests and the animal and plant life within them.

Art Alley

The theme for art alley this year is painting through the ages. We have already worked through pre-historic cave paintings and we are moving on to tribal art and Impressionism. Several of the students are enjoying the diversity of the projects and the ability to experiment with new materials and techniques. We are now tackling more paints so please remember to send a cover shirt to protect clothing.

Dinosaurs: Fact, Fiction, and Fossils

This week students continued to act as paleontologists studying fossil remains and building dinosaur skeletons. On a more humorous note, they each began creating their own dinosaurs and acting those dinosaurs out through their art, actions, and expressing their ideas. We finished up the week by exploring the wooded area behind Emory and comparing that habitat with that of the dinosaurs. Next week we will study the various extinction theories and students will draw their own conclusions as to how their dinosaurs met their end.

The Detective: Master of Mysteries

Our class is working on a mystery. Someone poisoned Snow White and it may not have been the witch! The students have been busy searching for clues to solve this mystery as well as find an antidote to save Snow White from her poison-induced slumber.

Get Theatrical!

This week we continued to practice the skills of good actors and actresses. We broke the class up into groups based on what interested the students: half the class wrote a play to be performed next week while the other half designed and began creating the backdrop and scenery for that play! Next week we will practice and prepare for our class play. I'm excited for you to see this original student-created production next week!

Upcoming Events & Reminders

The Closing Ceremony will take place at the Student Activity and Academic Center (SAAC) on Friday, July 11th at 4:30 p.m. Parking is available on the lower level of the Starvine Parking Deck for $4 for the first hour. After parking in the deck, walk across the street to the SAAC. The ceremony will take place in room 316, where parent orientation was held.

For directions to the SAAC, click here.

*Feel free to take all of your child's creations off the walls and from classrooms on Friday. Some instructors will have student work posted for this purpose. Also, if your camper is missing a water bottle, lunch box, a Poptart, or any other item, please check the lost and found in the office before you leave!