CHE Update for 5/24

Coyote Staff Update

Chromebook Inventory, End of Year! IMPORTANT

We will be going 1:1 next year and, in order to make that happen, this is what we must do:

  • Remove all markings of room number/teacher name
  • Have all chrome carts with chrome books delivered to library starting Monday, June 4
  • Deliver ALL chrome books that are in lockers to library beginning Monday, June 4. They will go on the library tables.
  • If there are ANY repairs that are needed, enter the FMX ticket NOW!
  • Alex will spend summer accounting for our devices so that they are ready to be assigned to students for 18-19

Rules and Procedures

As we enter our last few weeks of school, it is absolutely critical that we continue to consistently reinforce our expectations, routines/procedures, and rules. We are seeing increases of negative student behavior, especially at those transition periods. Yes, we know, it's Spring. Yes, we know testing makes them antsy. AND, as the adults on campus , it is necessary that we continue to reinforce what we do at CH, supervise all students at all times, and are visible to positively encourage students to follow the rules. Our upper grade students especially need you to LEAD them to and from the yard in a line right now.

MAP Testing Reminder

See the schedule here:

Initial scores that are rolling in are down from the winter. I know the end of the year (especially with the amount of CAASPP) can be taxing but we really want to get the best possible snapshot of our students. Please watch the engagement tab while they are taking it. and to remind them to show us how much growth they've made.

We can't have them re-take it so this is our one shot to get them to take it seriously.

Textbook Inventory

Please make sure you complete the textbook inventory found at the link below. I am aiming for it to be completed by June 1st. Please let me know if you have any questions!

CH Textbook Inventory 2017-18


Save the Date

2018-2019 Retreat

August 6, 2018, 8am-4pm

Joseph Nelson Community Center

(eligible for buyback)

I am excited for our retreat this year. We are sharing the day with Fairview Elementary and it is shaping up to be a fantastic time. I will share our agenda as we finalize it.


Shout out to ALL of the teachers who have completed the textbook inventory already. It is much appreciated.

Shout out to First Grade and friends who helped organize our Volunteer Reception. You do such a good job recognizing our parent volunteers =)

Shout out to Ms. Spence for taking another class on a field trip today. It is much appreciated.


The move list is here. Please know that this is subject to change or additional moves.

1. If you need boxes, check in with Mr. Amos or Mrs. Fallon in the office.

2. Remember, this is a good opportunity to empty/dispose of unnecessary items. WE will have an extra dumpster on campus starting next Tuesday.

Also, ALL OLD adopted materials must go! There is no exception to this request. Please see this information about what to do with old adopted materials:

Textbook Recycling for Spring 2018


Elementary Sites: Encourage students to keep math journals and Benchmark consumables. If you need to recycle consumables or materials that are not Board approved please request boxes from IMC. You can box materials and schedule pickup with the warehouse. All boxes must be clearly marked with an “R” (recycle.)

Solano Library Summer Reading Challenge

Tell your students! Tell your parents! Let's get them reading ALL summer.

Even adults can participate!

Music Events!, Spring Music and Art Showcase, Recorder Festival

Cordelia Hills Hosting FSUSD EdCamp 2018

Check out the sign up link and information below.

Update for Events for April/May

May 25/28: No School

May 29: Leadership Meeting

June 4: Field Day

June 6: Honor Roll/Attendance Recognition/5th grade Farewell Practice

June 8: Last Day of School, Minimum Day, 5th grade farewell