A Christmas Carol Background

Morgan Wangrud

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Charles Dickens

On February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth England, Charles Dickens was born. He is a famous English writer that wrote many of the books we have all read today. His father went into dept. and was sent to a debt. prison. Charles was the sent to earn the money back, and when he was able to come back his mom said he could stay there. When he grew up he fell in love and had 10 children with Katherine Hogarth. He became famous writing so many best selling books. He ended up falling in love with his wife's sister as she died in his arms. He left his wife when he started to get bored.
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Victorian Era

In this time King William IV died, and his niece became Queen, Queen Victoria. During this time they called it the Victorian Age, because she was the last monarch of the house of Hanover. During the time there was major developments in medicine and health care. People wanted to know more about them selves so they went to lectures about science, history, and religion.
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Industrial Revolution

There were some things to happen that led to the industrial revolution. 1.) The invention of machines that could take the place of hand tools. 2.) The use of steam. 3.) The adaption of the factory systems. During the time people started to make clothes with machines, and they used steam engines to power the machines. The industrial revolution was a very big advancement on technology.
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Child Labor/Poverty

Employment of children below the specified legal age is known as child labor. Children are normally put to work cause of poverty, when the parents need more money to keep their homes or children. Children can be put to work in mines, cotton mills, or other jobs that will bring income. Children used to make up a big percent of workers a long time ago.
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During the time A Christmas Carol was made, children had not much hope till they read the book. The book gave them hope because of the words said in the book. It was a hard time for allot of people, kids got sick and didn't make it, and parents had to work all day while their kids had to go to work as well. Poverty was a big thing then because people didn't make enough to feed their large families.