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Tuesday 3 August - Term 3 Week 2

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School Notices Term 2 Week 10 2021

Tēnā koutou katoa,

What a busy start to Term 3. The weather is slightly warmer (although a touch on a wet side), the days are longer and the students have begun the term with a spring in their step. This term is rather jam packed already and we strongly encourage you to keep an eye on the school calendar to keep up to date with what is going on.


A reminder that this term Cheryl is taking a term of sabbatical leave. During Term 3 the school will be led by Christee Dalzell and Lisa Lissaman as they co-share the principal role; Christee on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and Lisa on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Playground update

We are sure that you have noticed the playground is still under construction. The ground is too wet for the next stage, which is the bark. The heavy machinery required will just make it worse so great patience is required. We will be needing a couple of weeks for the ground to dry out so please keep your fingers crossed for the sun to shine!

Looking on the positive side of things, the teachers and staff have noticed that the students are getting more ‘creative’ with what our students are playing, where they are choosing to play those games and who they are playing with. BIG AROHA to the PSG (Parent Support Group) who have offered to put $500 towards additional gear for the Hire School Shed. This is on top of the $200 per class they have given to pay for wet weather games! Our students will be ‘spoilt for choice’ when it comes to lunchtime entertainment.


Please take note in your diaries of the date later in the newsletter regarding a Staff Only Day we have planned.

School Vision: ‘The Whitney Way - The Way We Learn’

The start of each term is a great time to remind ourselves and the children about what our school vision means, as it guides our everyday actions. ‘The Whitney Way’ is to be honest, caring and respectful Learners. These are also our school rules/values and we ask everyone to reinforce these at home. Ask your children “Was that an honest... or caring… or respectful thing to do?” Show and explain to your children what it means to be honest, caring and respectful.

‘The Way We Learn’ is through being self-managing, thinkers who are collaborative and connected. Once again talk about what these words mean with your children, as these are life-long skills that we hope every child who leaves Whitney Street School has developed. Refer to the vision section on our website for further explanation.

Icy Morning Frosts

The morning frosts (although beautiful) can be a bit of a hazard around our school. Please take it slowly and be aware of sneaky slippery surfaces. Many thanks to “Mr Clive” who places cones and signs out to remind everybody. He has saved many people from injuries and tear filled eyes with this thoughtful gesture.

No Road Patrol

In Week 3, there will be no student Road Patrollers as they will be on camp. Please make sure that your child is safe when arriving at school or being picked up. There may be an adult supervisor there - but some of these parents are supporting us as parent helpers on camp. so it's not guaranteed.

Mufti Day’s and Mad Hair Day

This term and in Week 3 of next term we have three mufti days and one Mad Hair Day planned, so that we can gather chocolate and Mystery Bottles for Lights Over Marlborough. These stalls make us a lot of money and help to pay for things like the playground upgrade, the planned astro-turf, gardens, and games for our students. Please show your support! Here are the dates to help you plan ahead.

T3W4 Friday 20 August (Mufti Day): Non consumable bottle

T3W7 Friday 10 September (Mad Hair Day): Consumable bottle

T3W10 Friday 1 October(Mufti Day)Chocolate

T4 W3 Friday 5 November TBC (Possibly either chocolate or a Mystery Bottle)

For any products donated it is super important that we consider hygiene, Best Before and Use By dates. All bottles and chocolate must have dates that are after November 2021. Thank you so much in advance!

Toki sio (see you later - in Tongan)

The Whitney Street School Staff

Wairau Cross Country

A massive congratulations to the Wairau students who took part in the school Cross Country on Friday, last week. The students were given the choice of racing in the Competitive Race or in the Fun Run. Our place getters are named in the table below. What a huge accomplishment!

Unfortunately, as mentioned in earlier notices, if your child in first or second place is going on the first camp (Monday - Wednesday) they won't be able to represent Whitney Street at the Marlborough Cross Country as the dates clash. Good luck to Flo Paulo who is in the 2nd camp!

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The access to period products initiative aims to provide free period products to children and young people in all state and state-integrated schools and kura across New Zealand during 2021.

If your Whitney Street School daughter has her period, she is eligible for two packs of free period products per month. These will be available to her by her parent/caregivers letting Christee Dalzell know via email ( or by leaving a wee note on her desk :-)

Hopefully this initiative is utilised really well by our Whitney kōtiro/girls! It is a brilliant way to save money on the grocery bill.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pop in and talk to Christee.

Wairau Camp - Term 3 Week 3

Our senior school Winter Camp is quickly approaching. Here is the gear list for camp. There is no need to purchase 'new' items as we have the option of hiring gear from the lodge and the skifield. Please let the teacher of your child know if this is the case.

For those parents who are helping out on camp, there is a meeting in the staffroom on Wednesday 4 August from 6:00-7:00pm. It really is very important that you all attend so we can go over safety procedures and expectations. Please note the location of the meeting has changed.

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Advance Notice: Staff Only Day on Monday 22 November (Monday T4W6)

This means that our school will be closed on this day as teachers and support staff receive Professional Learning and prepare for reports. Please note it in your calendar or dairies.

Other School News and Happenings


Kiwi Can - Introducing Positive Relationships (Juniors)
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Taylor Term 3 Newsletter

Wairau Term 3 Newsletter

Ōpaoa Term 3 Newsletter

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School Docs Review Link here

USERNAME: whitneystreet PASSWORD: learners

We are a PB4L School - Positive Behaviour For Learning

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Primary School Music Festival - Combined Schools Choir

The performance for our choir students is on the evening of September 22. It is a great experience and an amazing finale with the Combined Schools Choir. If your child is in the choir or you are keen to pop along and see them, please save the date. We will let you know more information when we have it.

Our school calendar is often filled with trips and events and sometimes the dates and details change. The BEST place to keep an eye on what is happening is on the school App in the calendar section.

Taylor and Wairau Hub Fundamentals - Term 3

This is a heads up that the Taylor and Wairau Hub students will be taking part in Fundamentals at Stadium 2000 in Term 3. Taylor Hub will be in Weeks 2 and 3 and Wairau Hub in Weeks 4 and 5.

* Week 2 - Rooms 9 & 10

* Week 3 - Rooms 11 & 12

* Week 4 - Room 1,2 and ½ of Room 8 (The same half that went on camp with Tuākana.) Please note this is the week directly after camp.

* Week 5 - Rooms 3,4 and ½ of Room 8 (The same half that went on camp with Marohi.)

Students will need to remember to bring togs, a towel, school fleece, sports shoes, water bottle, and a big morning tea to school EVERYDAY. There is NO need to pack a lunch as the school lunches normally provided each day at school through the Healthy School Lunches scheme will be delivered to the Stadium. Students will not be able to order subway on any days that they are at the stadium for Fundamentals.

We will need adults to help walk with us to and from the Stadium each day. More information will come early in Term 3.

Many thanks from

The Taylor and Wairau Hub teachers

Download our school App

We encourage all parents to download our school app from the Playstore or Apple Store, as we find this the most effective way of sending out Alerts to parents/caregivers. You can also access a wealth of information from the app as it has links to the school calendar, newsletters, etc.

Please subscribe to Alerts from the classes/groups that your child belongs to. If you want to subscribe to groups later on, you can do this via the ‘Alerts Subscriptions’ which is in the Menu (top left). Please do this to ensure you are subscribed to the classes and Teams that your child or children are in for the 2021 school year.

This is also the way we would like you to inform us of absences. This system streamlines the morning routine for Tanya and Michelle so that they can easily see who is away and why.

Please click here to download the School App.


If you haven't done so already, please have a go at downloading the Hero App which shows your child’s achievement, progress and learning goals. The instructions are here or you can type into your browser. It really is very important that you access this information about your child so you are able to be involved in their education as much as possible.

Suggestions Box

Do you have any suggestions for us at Whitney Street School? In the school office, there is a 'Suggestion Box' that is checked regularly. Or click here to email it.

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

In line with sustainability, the Wairau Hub will continue to collect bread tags to help support the Bread Tags for Wheelchairs initiative. Save them up, bring them into Room 1 and we will arrange for them to get to where they need to go.

This cool idea supports The United Nations Sustainability Goals of;

* Goal 1: No Poverty donate what we don't use

* Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

* Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

2021 Winter Camp - For Wairau Hub Students

  • Tuākana and ½ of Room 8 Camp Dates - Term 3 Week 3

August 9 - 11 (Over on Monday and back on Wednesday for 3pm)

  • Marohi and ½ of Room 8 Camp Dates - Term 3 Week 3

August 11 - 13 (Over on Wednesday and back on Friday for 3pm)

If you would like to set up an automatic payment, please do so and use your child’s first initial and last name as a reference. The Whitney Street School BOT bank details are: 03 0599 0305934 00.

Automatic Payment Option

We highly recommend setting up an automatic payment to help pay for things like stationery at the beginning of the year, uniform items and camps. It's a great way to help plan your budget and spread the cost of more expensive things. $5 or $10 a week is way more manageable than a large lump sum! Use your child's first initial and last name as a reference.

The Whitney Street School BOT bank details are: 03 0599 0305934 00

Pretty Things Embroidery

Are you after a professionally stitched name on a piece of uniform? Click here to find out more.

Community Notices

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The Board of Trustees advises that 22 out of zone vacancies have become available at Bohally Intermediate School for the enrolment of 2022 academic year.

Because the Board operates an enrolment scheme, it is required to fill any vacant out of zone places by ballot when there are more applications than places available.

22 out of zone places have become available for Year 7 students enrolling for 2022. No Year 8 placements are available.

The Board is prepared to receive applications from Thursday 1st July until 3pm Wednesday 1st September.

The ballot will be held on Thursday 2nd September. Families will be notified Monday 5th September via the email address provided.

Enrolment details can be found on our school website

Thank you

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