Eli Whitney

"The Father of Mass Production" By Adia Williams

Early Life of Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney was born on December 8, 1765, in Westboro, Massachusetts. He grew up on a farm, yet had an affinity for machine work and technology. As a youth during the Revolutionary War, he became an expert at making nails from a device of his own invention. He later crafted canes and ladies' hatpins, recognizing opportunity when it arose.

Creation of the Cotton Gin

When Whitney demonstrated his new cotton gin to some colleagues--with the device producing more cotton in an hour than what could be produced by multiple workers in a day--the reaction was immediate.

How the Cotton Gin Changed the World

Even though the Cotton Gin brought on a list of positive outlooks, the negative massively out weigh them. As cotton production increased, the southerns began to rely mainly on their crop of cotton. As the southerners began to plant more of the cotton, their soil began to lose all valuable nutrients and non-nourishable soil would just not suffice their needs.