By: Nick Violetti and Max Sarkissian


Sparta was one of the largest and the most important city states of Ancient Greece. War became before education in any situation. Spartans government was an oligarchy that was ruled by 2 kings. Even though Athens was strong, people turned to Sparta for protection and for a good education. The rich would take part more in Spartan society, because to be a ruler you had to be wealthy. Also, in Sparta they wanted to make sure that their army was the strongest. If a baby wasn’t born strong or healthy, it will be left on the hillside and they will leave him/her there until they die.That’s why the Spartan army is so brave and strong.

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Sparta - Max Sarkissian and Nick Violetti


As you can see Sparta is one of the strongest city states in all of Ancient Greece, their government was good, their education was also good, and they had two kings to rule over Sparta, their government was an oligarchy. Sparta and Athens were both good, but Sparta was more unique and odd in some ways. When a baby is born they do a test on the baby, if the baby was weak when they were young they thought that they would be weak in combat and let to die on a hill. Small decisions were made between the two kings, but big decisions were made in a group called the Council of Elders. Their education was all about training for war. At the age of seven they were sent to train until they were twenty and then at the age of thirty they stopped fighting but they were still apart of the military. In this paragraph you can see why Sparta is one of the strongest city states in Ancient Greece.