Happy New Year!

Creating focus!

When there's a new year it means we create a "new you" too, right?? I honestly don't know how many people plan to completely change their life around for a new year's resolution, but I certainly know that I'm ready to make some small changes in my life to give me more balance, presence, and focus.
So let's come up with a couple ways to create a fantastic work life, which can lead to a healthy personal life as well!

1) Plan your work week over the weekend. Sit down with your calendar and find those bits of time that you can commit to the growth of your business. And then have your list of what you'd like to accomplish each time you have some time. Eliminate the fluff, do business building activities. If it's 10 minutes one day, well take that 10 minutes to send out 3 promising emails to contacts who may fall in love with Beautycounter. Have 3 whole days? Devote one day to finding facekit recipients, 1:1 clients and socials. The next day focus on working with new team members or coaching exisiting ones. And on the third day do all wrap up work...reach out to past clients, look at some training videos BTC, and schedule a coaching call with your upline or upline Director.

2) Don't think that business will just happen and if it doesn't, then this isn't right for you. It never happens that way for anyone and it is a waste of money if that's what someone assumes. With no plan it can also be a stressful way to approach this and might cause you to lose some sleep. No one wants to fail at this, but it does come down to how you are "running" it. With a well thought-out plan, conversations with your upline, and and an action plan as to how to make things happen, this business you might not think is right for you can be the biggest thing that has ever happened to you.

3) Goal yourself now. Sit down and think about what you really want from this. Write these goals down and share them with your significant other, your upline, and maybe your best friend too. This leads to feeling and holding yourself accountable and working harder to make those goals a reality. It also leads to a little more clarity about how to start your work week and what you want to accomplish in the time allotted. Your Senior Directors and above had a video conference and ALL of us had a list of goals for the season and year. It's a must-do and I urge you to try it too!
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This month's training...

If you haven't done so already, please add yourself to our Team Facebook page, Beautycounter- Team Happenings, which includes myself and everyone who has joined Beautycounter under me. Please set notifications so you can see these posts quickly just in case something time sensitive pops up. Sometimes it's confusing as to what team you're on because you are on so many other's teams...but for sake of making things easy, that's the first page you should see when it comes to finding support within our smaller network of consultants.

We're going to start adding some "training" days to this page. Hopefully creating some easy and quick focus times for you to educate yourself more on this business and how to run it. It doesn't matter if we've been doing this for two years or two minutes, we should all know what the training modules look like and how to reference them. So, let's all find some time to train ourselves even more and build even more confidence as to why we do what we do.

We'll also be adding a fun challenge to it very soon...so stay tuned!!
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What will January look like for you?

I don't know...what will it look like? Will this be the start of an amazing year? Is there a little fire in you that has been ignited by a great outlook on what 2016 can bring? Aren't we lucky that we not only get to do something we love but also make a huge impact on an outdated, stale industry? I know I've never been more excited and energized to create a life I love this year, and I want to bring you all with me! So are you with me? Do we do things that make us uncomfortable knowing that it can yield something amazing? I say "YES!" Do we do this in a way that is authentic, duplicate-able, and respectful...YES! Do we do something today to start this....YEP!! There's no better time to start, so join me, please, and reach out if you want to talk more!

Team, here's to a healthy and prosperous 2016!!

Michelle Skinner

Managing Director