By: Savanna Holly

My dream vacation ???!!!

Jamaica is my dream vacation . It is above South America in the Caribbean. The reason I want to go is because it has pretty water and also has many beautiful sites . The reason Jamaica is so ineradicable is because the beach and the activities .

interesting facts about Jamaica

1. Less snakes are there .

2. The worlds fattest man lives in Jamaica .

3. part of the slave trade .

4. Christopher Columbus was stranded there after he found Jamaica .

5. has its own dance called daggering .

6. The 1st country to speak English and gain independence .

7. The Manchester Golf club was established in Jamaica.

8.Trochilus polytmus -National bird .

9. Has a high level crime rate.

10. The worlds 2nd largest bird named Giant swollotail lives in Jamaica .


It takes about 10 hours to get to Jamaica .Jamaica is 1,422 miles away from willis TX .

I will take Alyza Yanez . I will go on a airplane and i will stay a week.

Where will i stay

I will stay in a Beach house , the beach house will be a house that I have rented.I will need to pack......

1. deotorant

2.bathing suit

3. cloths

4. accesories

5. shoes

6. money

7 Alyza Yanez


It cost $510 for the hotel a night so it would cost 3,570 for the whole week . The Flight will cost $441. I will bring $525 which is $75 a day . I will go out to eat the first couple of days at the better restaurants and then get room service or go to subway or chick-filla .probably walk to the sights in Jamaica or get a cab .All my excpences together is $4,676.


I will mainly swim at the beach while in Jamaica . In Jamaica there is many things to do like horse back ridding , tubing in the rainforest , waterfall swimming and many other things. I think the activities are unique because none of the beaches will look like the ones in Texas.

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