Crash Into you

By Katie McGarry

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This book is a fast lane romance between two people who are total opposites, but similar in many ways. Our two main characters are Rachel and Isaiah, both are into cars. The meet one night when Rachel goes out driving and is invited by some guys to race in a street race. From there things get interesting. Eric comes after them because he thinks Rachel is a snitch and she owes him money. The two forge a relationship that seems like it is destined to be ruined from the start. Together they try to gather the all the money to needed to pay back Eric by street racing. Rachel ends up lying to her family about who she is with and what she is doing but gets caught in the end. Her family finds out she has been lying about her anxiety attacks which put her in the hospital before while Isaiah is trying to have nothing to with his mom who has been in prison. Both have problems not only with themselves but with each other as well that threaten to break them up.
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Influential Characters

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If I Die Young- The Band Perry: This song explains how Rachel feels about dying due to her anxiety attacks, and how the death of her sister kind of affected her life.

Just a Kiss- Lady Antebellum: When I hear this song it reminds me of the first time Isaiah and Rachel shared their first kiss and how the felt.

Barefoot Blue Jean Night- Jake Owen: Describes how the Isaiah feels about his time with Rachel on the inside, but is scared to let it out.

Mean-Taylor Swift: How Rachel first views Isaiah, but still she goes with him and trys to help him out when they are running from the police.

Beverly Hills- Weezer: This is what Isaiah thinks of him and Rachel ever getting together. He doesn't think it is possible because they come from two separate lives.

Shimmer- Fuel: How Isaiah begins to feel about Rachel as there relationship grows. He knows he likes her but feels as though it won't last so he is scared.

Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down: In the book Rachel gets hurt by Isaiah and he tells her his secrets I feel like this shows how he wants to know if she will still love him knowing what she knows or will she turn her back on him.

Ours- Taylor Swift: This how Rachel feels while she is giving her speech at her mothers Leukemia convention. Everything is preventing her from being with him, but she knows they won't break up. It just fully explains their relationship through out the book.

Little Miss- Sugarland: When she and Isaiah can no longer see one another and she finds out her brother stole her money to pay back Eric and feels as though she is losing, but she knows everything will be okay if they stick together.

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