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Hello Gorgeous!

This past week has been a big week for Stella & Dot. We had a lot of exposure on national TV and as a result have extended our unbelievable sign up special through Wednesday, February 4th!! I have been with Stella & Dot for almost 5 years, and they have never done anything like this. It would be irresponsible of me not to share it with you...

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First there was Lisa Rinna's Trunk Show on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

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If Lisa Rinna can host a trunk show, so can you! It's a fun and easy way to get some girlfriends together AND when it's over you get free Stella & Dot. Plus, unlike Lisa's trunk show - there will be no cat fighting drama going on in the background - unless of course you want some. ;)

I am booking now into March, but still have some dates left for February. I have the brand new Spring (yes, I said Spring) Collection to share with you & your friends! Peek at the latest Look Book here. Here in New England, it's been a rough week of snow and snow days for the kids. I don't know about you, but I am READY to get out and see my friends again, and a trunk show is a perfect excuse.... cocktails or coffee, get me out of here! :)

Email or call me for available dates!

Then 9 million people tuned into Undercover Boss on Friday!

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If you have not watched it you can catch it on here. Not only was Stella & Dot featured in prime time, we are also the first social selling company to be featured on this show! You will see our Design Studio in NYC, our distribution center in Ohio, our customer service center in Phoenix and a trunk show in Des Moines. It's a behind the scenes "tell all" about Stella & Dot. It's even more special for me because I was lucky enough to tour the Design Studio myself on Friday. To be able to really see the work that goes into our pieces, from design, to model making (Jessica tried her hand at this part), merchandizing and quality control, the level of detail that goes into everything "Stella & Dot" was inspiring. This "expose" is truly worth watching. Grab some tissues!!!

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If Not Now, then When?

There has truly never been a better time to join the company. Our product is now in even higher demand than before with the national coverage we had last week. The sign up special that was extended until Wednesday (2/4) at midnight has never been done before and is never coming back. You can truly test out this business for FREE. For $199, you get $450 in product of your choosing AND when you sell $1,000 in your first 30 days, you get your $199 back in cash (along with $250 in commission). It only takes 1-2 shows to sell $1,000 so you will be profitable right away! And I haven't even mentioned the additional $200 in free product credit that you will earn in those 30 days too!

Check out my site for more information and to sign up if you feel so inclined. I would love to share my experience - as a Stylist and busy mother of 3 kids - with you and answer any questions that you may have.

I'm reaching out because most of the women I've met and that have joined my team have been customers AND my beloved hostesses. If the idea of being a Stylist has ever crossed your mind, we need to talk!

If I can do it, anyone can. Five years ago I went to a trunk show and fell in love. Realized that I wanted a whole lot more than I could buy, saw how excited women were getting over the bling, and I wanted in on the fun!! Not only do I now have a great source of income - that I can spend as I like (shhhh) - I've met fantastic women who I may have never crossed paths with, made incredible friendships, have the cutest accessories wardrobe at my fingertips AND I have fun.

I'm certain you, or someone you know, would LOVE working this part time around their family's busy schedule AND would love to earn some extra $$ and have a blast doing it!

If it's just not the right time for you, but you want me to keep you in mind in the future, let me know! If it's just not your thing, I totally get it! Be a hostess instead! Then share this opportunity with someone you think might love it! And should they join me - when they earn their first $100 in FREE product credit - so will YOU!

Thank you for considering this opportunity!

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