Character Consideration

Jesse Owens


"...the only victory that counts is the one over yourself."

-Jesse Owens

How does Jesse Owens think and feel about the event?

I think that Jesse Owens really enjoyed the event where he was at the Olympics because he loved running and at the Olympics he did what he loved. So in my opinion I think that he really like to be in the Summer Olympics. The event where Jesse was at the cotton field with his family i think that he didn't mind that he was there because as a young boy when he was at the cotton fields he would run through the cotton fields. So I think that he didn't like it so much but he at least had something to do when he was there.


The event of Jesse Owens of course Is in the Summer Olympics as a Tracker. The other event of Jesse Owens is when he was little his parents and him would work in a cotton farm. They would work there to get money because they did not have enough money for pretty much nothing. But the event that Jesse Owens would usually be at the Olympics. Now you can see the events of Jesse Owens.

How did Jesse Owens react to the event?

The way that Jesse Owens reacted to the event in where he was at the Summer Olympics I think that he really enjoyed being there because he loved to run so at the Summer Olympics he did what he loved. In the event where he was running in the Cotton Fields of Alabama I think that he enjoyed it because he chose to run there so I think that he enjoyed running in the Cotton Fields.

How did Jesse Owens feel about the outcome of the event?

Well…There was not really an outcome of the event but when he was running in the cotton fields well the outcome of running was that everyday that he would run he would get faster and faster. So the way that Jesse Owens felt when he would see himself getting faster and faster I think that he was proud of himself.