Dairy Foods

By Toriana Bouchey

Eat it, drink it, consume it!

Why? Dairy products are filled with calcium and vitamin D, as well as other nutrients that make your bones strong and your body healthy!


This disease causes your bones to become extremely weak and fragile. ANYONE at ANY AGE can be affected by osteoporosis. Lucky for you, you can help prevent this disease from happening to yourself. How? Build up your bones at a young age, have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Another helpful thing to do is take daily calcium and/or vitamin supplements.

5 healthy food choices!

Leafy greens (lettuce), oatmeal, yogurt, baked beans, and orange juice are all great items to consume!
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Creamy Orange Smoothie Recipe!

1c. Orange Juice

1c. water (cold)

2tsp. Crystal Light drink mix (any flavor)

2c. frozen vanilla yogurt, softened

1c. ice cubes

Step 1- Blend all ingredients except ice. Step 2- Add ice and blend. Step 3- Serve