CES May & June Newsletter

From the Desk of Mrs. Proskey

Parent and Guardians,

Well can you believe it? We are already coming to the close of another wonderful school year. What a year it has been?! I want to THANK YOU, the community, for all of your continuous support during the creation our logos and marketing efforts. We have to thank our marketing team and Shelly Schrimsher for all of her hard work behind the scenes! It sure has been a year filled with Culver Pride. I am a proud administrator, a parent and a community member!!! We need to keep our efforts going in order to promote our wonderful teachers, programming, students, schools and community!!

I also want to give a big shout out to the parents and volunteers who help make our incentive programming that we have at the Elementary come to fruition. We value you and appreciate that you give up your valuable time throughout the day to help with BoxTop parties, R.E.A.D. parties, Book Fairs, library programming, attend field trips or just assist in the classroom either to help the teacher or simply read to a student. Without your help, these events would not be possible!! Believe it or not, the students will not remember the tests that they took but they will remember the fun they had at Culver Elementary and the difference you made in their lives! :)

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate or come in, email me at eproskey@culver.k12.in.us or call me at 574-842-3389.
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Dates to Remember...

  • 5/2- 3rd Grade ISTEP Testing
  • 5/2- Board Meeting @ 7:00pm @ Admin Building
  • 5/3- 3rd Grade ISTEP Testing
  • 5/3- Marshall County Spelling Bee @ 6:00pm @ H.S. Auditorium
  • 5/5- PTO Meeting @ 5:30pm @ CES Library
  • 5/6- Cavalier Cruise @ 1:00
  • 5/6- Spring Fling/ Book Fair Kick Off @ 5:30-7:30
  • 5/9-5/13- Book Fair
  • 5/12- K-2, 4 Spring Music Program @ 6:00pm
  • 5/13- IREAD3 Individual Reports sent home
  • 5/13- 6th Grade Field Trip to Organic Farm
  • 5/13- ISTEP Movie
  • 5/13- BoxTops Due
  • 5/13- Unplug and Read to Succeed Weekend!
  • 5/16-5/20- K through 2 DIBELS testing
  • 5/16- Board Meeting @ Admin Building @ 7:00pm
  • 5/17- 5 & 6 Grade Band and Choir Concert @ 6:30pm
  • 5/20- Cool Character Parade @ 1:00pm
  • 5/23- BoxTops Party @ the Park
  • 5/23- R.E.A.D. Deadline
  • 5/24- BoxTops Party (Rain Date)
  • 5/25- SEAL Mobile Dentist Indiana
  • 5/25- 5th & 6th Grade Field Trip South Bend Cubs Game
  • 5/26- 1st Grade to Fair Oaks Farm
  • 5/26- 6th Grade Orientation @ 12:30 @ Middle School
  • 5/27- Cool Character Parade @ 1:00pm (Rain Date)
  • 5/27- 4th Grade Field Trip to Conner Prairie (8:00am-5:30pm)
  • 5/30- Memorial Day NO SCHOOL! :)
  • 5/31- R.E.A.D. Movie @ 1:00


  • 6/1- Kindergarten to Fort Wayne Zoo
  • 6/1- 2nd Grade to the Park
  • 6/1- PTO Meeting @ 5:30 in the CES Library
  • 6/2- 3rd through 5th Grade Awards @ 9:00am
  • 6/2- 6th Grade Awards @ 1:00pm
  • 6/3- Last Student Day
  • 6/3- Attendance Incentive/Bike Give Away 9:00am
  • 6/3- All school picnic @ 11:00am (sac lunches from home or school only)
  • 6/3- Field Day @ 1:00pm
  • 6/7-6/17- 6th Grade Summer School
  • 6/13-6/17- IREAD3 Summer School


  • 7/20- Registration from 8am-7pm @ H.S. Media Center
  • 7/21- Registration From 8am-5pm @ H.S. Media Center
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ISTEP+ Best Practices

    • Please make sure that your children are in attendance during their testing dates.
    • Get a good night's sleep
    • Eat a healthy breakfast
    • Fill in all answers with your best educated guess
    • Remember... Do your best....It's just another test! :)

    -------------ISTEP Testing Schedule------------- 3rd Grade- May2nd & 3rd/ Make-ups May 4th-6th

    Grade 3
    5/2 Mon----- English 2 tests
    5/3 Tues---- English 1 test

    Grades 4-6
    5/4 Wed----Make-Ups
    5/5 Thurs--Make-Ups
    5/6 Fri-------Make-Ups

    This Week's Menu....


    • Breakfast- Breakfast Pizza/ Cereal with Cracker
    • Lunch- Chicken Tenders w/ Mashed Potatoes and corn/ Potato Bar
    • Breakfast- Cinnamon Roll/ Cereal with yogurt
    • Lunch- Ravioli w/ broccoli / Salad Bar
    • Breakfast- Mini Pancake w/ sausage bites / Cereal with Cracker
    • Lunch- Chicken & Noodles w/ Mashed Potatoes/ Potato Bar
    • Breakfast- Egg, Sausage and Cheese on English Muffin/ Cereal with Cracker
    • Lunch- Mini Corn Dog w/ Chips/ Salad Bar
    • Breakfast- Funnel Cake/ Cereal with yogurt
    • Lunch- Big Daddy Cheese Pizza w/ Green Beans/ Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

    This Week's Sporting Events...

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    Parent Resources

    Lexile Measuring Tools

    Teachers often talk about student Lexile levels, these resources below will help you and your child understand what a Lexile level is and why it is important for your child to choose a book that is at the right level for them to read.

    “Find a Book”: This book-search tool enables individuals to build custom reading lists based on Lexile range and personal interests and to check the availability of books at the local library. The search tool includes a growing collection of literary and informational books.

    Lexile Book Titles Database: The database is comprised of over 130,000 literary and informational titles with Lexile measures. The database is offered free of charge to educators.

    Lexile® Analyzer: This tool enables registered Lexile.com users to analyze text and generate a Lexile measure. A free, limited version is available at www.Lexile.com/analyzer.

    Lexile® Map: The Lexile map provides a graphic representation of texts matched to appropriate levels of reading ability. Check out the new designs and printing options that were released Summer 2012!

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    Blessings in a Backpack Needs Packing Volunteers!!!

    If you would like to help volunteer packing Blessings Backpacks, please see times and dates below.... (it usually takes about an hour)

    Please mark or update your calendars to reflect the following times and change of time:

    Wednesday, May 11 set up @ 4:30

    Thursday, May 12 packing @ 4:30 pm

    All set up and packing is done at Culver Bible Church, 718 S. Main Street in Culver.


    Dianne, Stephanie and Tracy
    Blessings in a Backpack Coordinators

    Culver Boys and Girls Club

    Director- Mrs. Jessye Gilley
    Asst. Director- Mrs. Criston Zehner
    Phone Number- 574-250-0103
    Fee- $30.00 Per Year (After School) / Field Trips Extra / Daily Rate
    Open- 3:00-7:00 after school / Summer (Other days as determined by Director)

    CES Community Volunteer Program

    CES Loves it's Volunteers!!!!

    If you are interested in volunteering at the Elementary and donating your time to listen to students read, work with students in small groups under the direction of the teacher, work in the library, or supervise during lunch or recess, please contact Amy Bonine, the CES Volunteer Coordinator at 842-3389.

    Our volunteers Honored at MCRC....

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    This past Thursday, the Marshall County Reading Council presented two of our wonderful volunteers with certificates honoring them for helping students in our building and pushing literacy throughout. Congratulations to Mrs. Neller and Mrs. Bailey for being such wonderful, hardworking and dedicated ladies! We truly appreciate them!!!
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