A quick review of the website

This app is made nostly made for posters and flyers to advertise buisnesses. Its not really made with school use in mind. It comes with lost of different themes and poster ideas. There is no app but the website is just as useful

Smore review

So far smore has given a tutorial of how to use it which covered a lot and was increadibly helpful. Not only can you add tins of fun links, pictures, audio, and videos, Smore saves automatically so theres no forgetting to save and having to rewrite all the work you did.

Checklist score


On the checklist smore's score was impressive the only place it really lost points was in the area of sharing. Only one person can edit at a time, and its difficult to share. This is not something i would do a presentation on. Its good for flyers and posters but that was the exstent of its usefulness.