News From 303!

Ms. Katie, Mr. Nate, and Ms. Lesley

Math Unit 1

We've kicked off math unit 1! This is a big unit that includes a lot of understandings which will be important pre-algebra concepts. Below is a list of the major topics we will cover in this unit. Click on any skill for a hyperlink to tutorials/practice.

We have a lot to cover, but there are some everyday ways you can help develop number sense around these topics:

  • Ask students to read numbers you see out loud correctly (making sure they only use "AND" for decimal points!)
  • Ask students to tell you what two whole numbers any decimal numbers you see is between
  • When shopping with students ask them what whole number the price of something is closest to
  • Ask them to do mental estimates of the total costs of multiple items or meals
  • Practice mentally multiplying numbers you see by tens, hundreds, thousands, or higher factors of 10 if your child is ready
  • Rank items, bills, paychecks, or receipts in order of amount

Camping Pics!

We had a blast camping! We hope your students have already told you all about it, but we wanted to share a few pictures here too. Click the center to enlarge. We will be sharing more pictures at Back to School Night on Monday!

MAP Tests

With the help of our new testing coordinator, Ms. Liz, we were able to squeeze in both our Math and Reading Map tests before we left for camping. We have shared the data from the reading tests with students to help them set their reading goals for the year. If you would like to review this data as well please contact me by email ( and I will print a report to send home with your student.

See you Monday Night!