mLearning tools for Language Arts

A look at 5 mobile apps - by Evelyn Yang

I have outlined 5 apps compatible with iOS that could potentially be used by secondary English students to study, create assignments, and more.


Quizlet allows students to create or access flashcards on a variety of subjects. In an English Language Arts context, the teacher may help students study for an upcoming exam by creating flashcards that match literary terms to their definitions; conversely, the teacher may choose to have students create their own flashcards to reflect their memorization of the material.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft offers a free, mobile version of their popular word processing program, Word in app form. Using this app, students can view, create, and edit documents at their convenience, on devices as small as a phone. This app can be used in class or outside of it; it can be used to take notes, to proofread, or to work on an assignment. Students can easily send Word documents to teachers, who can then view and assess student work on their own mobile devices.


It is generally inevitable that students in a secondary English class will study the works of William Shakespeare, and many students struggle greatly when faced with the archaic language and sheer volume of Shakespearean plays. Using the Shakespeare app, all plays and sonnets are available in a digital format, where they are organized in scenes and acts, which students could instantly jump to and access. Students can also search through plays for important quotes, and click on each word for its definition to make reading Shakespeare a less daunting task. In place of a heavy anthology of Shakespearean plays, teachers and students can use this app in the classroom to enhance students' experience and understanding of the material.

Express Books

This tool allows students to create their own eBooks with audio and visual components; it comes with many customizable options and the ability to create your own illustrations. Students would be able to use this app as a platform for creating a project for English class, for example, a novelization of a short story or poem they have studied, or for fleshing out a creative writing assignment.


Teachers can create learning material for learners using Mobl21, and publish to multiple users or groups. Teachers will also have the option to track and monitor content access and view test performances, helping teachers stay on top of student progress or lack thereof, having an idea of where students excel and where they struggle. Using Mobl21, teachers can create a practice test preceding the final exam and have students attempt it, and then cover any problem areas during the review session to reinforce students' knowledge and understanding.