Canadian Shield

Project by Ryan Bingley and Matt Hill


50 N and 60 W are the longitude and latitude

Soil Profiles

The Canadian Shield is mostly rocks, its mostly the bedrock exposed and part of the Precambrian which existed 500 million years ago.

The Climate

The shield stretches from the top of Nunavut to nearly the bottom of Ontario. The Climate can vary, but it is a mostly cold climate. Climate change would make the summers longer, melt some permafrost and expose some materials.

Flora and Fauna

The flora of the Canadian shield usually are quite shallow because of the short spring, summer and there is a small layer of dirt. The fauna of the Canadian shield contain many, many mosquito. And different variety’s of animals like: reptile animal, grizzly bears, buffalo and fish.

Human Geography

Because The Canadian shield is a hilly, rocky and full of lakes. Most settlement happen in the middle region between the Hudson Bay. major cities in this region include, Iqaluit and Ontario.

Economy of the Region

The Economy of the Canadian shield in the past was mostly just the fur trade. Today, with the wealth of raw materials, there are many materials to be dug.

Environmental Concern

The problem with all of the mining, it releases CO2 and sludge from the mines. Human influence the problem by releasing CO2 and destroying habitats.

Compare to Another Location

The Canadian Shield extends to Mexico were there is some of the oldest rock formation on earth. Most of the rock in this land is close to 4 Billion years old.