Spotify Running

The new and improved health app of our generation!

Spotify Running

To access this free feature on the Spotify app, simply open the "Browse" section and scroll down until you see a small box labeled "running," with an illustrated white running man on its cover. The only problem with the side program is that when your Spotify account ends, so do any features you happened to have had, and you have to have an account to run the app.


Why run to random, erratic music? With the new side show of the application "Spotify," the only songs that play are ones that are matching your current running tempo.

User Friendliness

The app is relatively easy to use: all one needs to do is navigate to the running section and start running to activate the application. It is this that makes me certain to recommend the app to anyone who likes running to music.

Student Use

I'm not sure that I would recommend this app for students, as I was yelled at by teachers several times while using the app during school. However, outside of school, I would say that the app is fair game to anyone who wishes to run to timed music.