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August Issue: West Point Consolidated School District

Welcome Back!!

In hopes of relieving some of the stress, the IT Department has compiled a manageable set of resources to help you build your online instructional skills and foster a productive, supportive community. This month's newsletter is especially important as it contains everything you need to know to make a smooth transition back to school. Please read through it entirely. Contact us with any tips, tricks, or suggestions to help improve our communication!

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Back Row: Tanner Bond, Xavier Miller, Ty Malone, Mechelle Welch

Front Row: Tammy Clark, Kenny White, Kristina Meyer, Katie Roach

Ways Your Instructional Technology Coaches Can Help You:

**IMPORTANT: Deleting 2020-2021 Canvas Courses**

ALL 2020-2021 Canvas courses will be deleted on Friday, August 6th. Please make sure to read the instructions if you did not already make a copy of your Canvas courses from last year. Just click the button above to learn how!

Click Below to Learn How to Transfer Your Material into Your New 2021-2022 Canvas Course:

Important Zoom Information:

Zoom: How to Check for Updates

Please make sure you are using the current version of the Zoom Desktop Client. There have been a lot of updates that have happened over the summer. In order to be able to use the latest features, you have to be up-to-date.

Don't Have Zoom Desktop Client? Click Here to Download

Click here to download the Desktop Client for Zoom. You'll need this to check for updates.

Surface Pro Updates:

How to Check for Updates on Your Surface Pro

Your Surface Pro needs to be updated frequently; think of it as your phone. If you notice it running slow, or having any other issues, then it's probably time for some updates. Click here to learn how.

Outlook Email:

Adding Multi-Factor Authentication to Your Email

Click here for the steps to make your email even more secure. All staff will be required to do this in a few weeks. These steps will walk you through how to do it manually before everyone is required to do so.

SAM: How to Generate Teacher Reports & Gradebook Settings

SAM Spectra: Teacher Reports and Settings

SAM: How to Put in Grades, Take Attendance, Add Homework, & Create Seating Charts

SAM Spectra: Grades, Attendance, Homework, Seating Chart

Learn How to Use Classwize to Monitor Student Devices:

Getting Started with Classwize

Staff Spotlight Nomination Form:

**First Year Teachers** Teacher Loan Repayment Program:

MDE: Professional Development Calendar

Click here to see all of the Professional Development opportunities MDE has to offer.

ITS Cyber Tips Newsletter: July

Digital Citizenship Lessons:

Kami Connect July 2021 Recording:

LIVE | Kami Connect 2021

~Free Creative PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes~

~Some Tech Humor to Get You Through Your Week 🤣~

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West Point Consolidated School District: I.T. Department

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