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Fall 2020 - Supporting Social & Emotional Needs of Gifted

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Social & Emotional Needs of Gifted Students

Hello everyone. Last year as we were planning ahead, we decided to shift our technology focus for our Fall GT Council to Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted students. Ironically, we made that shift before the additional stress of a Global Pandemic. This event has brought to the forefront self-care and the importance for all of us to recognize that stress can have many negative effects. Gifted individuals often feel things deeper and question more often what is going on around them.

As parents and teachers, we want to support the very special needs of Gifted Students as well as our children dealing with the new circumstances we find ourselves in.

Although we would love to be meeting in person to share this information, we hope that you will find parts of this presentation in the SMORE helpful in supporting your children and the many facets of being gifted.

Resources in this newsletter have been pulled together by all of the NPS Gifted Resource Coordinators. A big thank you to all of them for this and for all they do to help our Gifted students.

Also remember to please reach out to your school Gifted Resource Coordinator if you need anything to help your child be more successful, happy, and supported. We are here to help.

What do we mean when we say Social & Emotional Learning?

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Social Emotional Development for Your Gifted Child

Social and emotional development for your gifted child

Elementary Resources

Social and Emotional children's books

Secondary Resources

Blog on Gifted Learners Social Emotional Needs

Have you ever heard of Imposter Syndrome, felt a lack of challenge, are great in one area but not another, felt surprisingly intense? Well gifted individuals often have these feelings more intensely than others. Click on the picture to access collection of articles.

COVID-19 Resources from National Association of Gifted Children

NAGC has pulled together some great resources for supporting Gifted students through this Pandemic. Check out the following tip sheets and activities that are great to keep your child talking at home through games and family time.

Resources for and about students.

Digital Calming Room - A collection of digital resources that can help with calming emotions.

Better Kids Blog - A collection of articles on how to support our children.

20 Best Apps to Combat Anxiety and Stress - An article that features apps that can help calm and focus.

The Best Kids Books to Teach Social Emotional Skills - Blog with many children's books to check out

48 Essential Links for the Parents Gifted Children - Clearinghouse of Links

Easy to Say, but How Do You Really Help Students Learn from Failure - Edutopia Article

Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted Students - Clearinghouse of articles on supporting gifted students

Bright and Quirky - This group is a support site for families with children who are twice exceptional. The Blog page is especially helpful.

Links to great books on SEL and Gifted Students.

Gifted Kids Speak Out by James Delisle -- about Gifted kids from ages 6-13. It is essential for gifted people to understand that giftedness is more than simply "being smart"--it is the height of one's thinking and the depth of one's emotions that are the hallmarks of growing up gifted.

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope with Explosive Feelings by Christine Fonseca -- Teaching children how to manage their intense emotions is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting or educating gifted children.

If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back? Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice Exceptional by Jen Merrill Join Jen on her journey through discovery, understanding, and acceptance, as she copes with the challenges that only the gifted and twice exceptional can create.

Mrs. Cindy Castell

Norman Public Schools

Director of Gifted, Talented and Advanced Programs