Nolan Rueter

5 Themes Of Meography


There are two types of Location Absolute and Relative.

Absolute location is the specific location.

Relative location is the approximate location.

The Absolute location of my house- 45.6092° N, 94.4517° W

The Relative location of my house- I live in Avon, Minnesota my house is located in the middle of Stratford Neighborhood and the back of my house is facing a park with two baseball fields.

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Place- an area that is defined by everything in it.

Human Characteristics- What has been put in place by humans.

Physical Characteristics- Natural Features.

Physical features- Trees, Grass, Flatland, Plants, and Dirt.

Human features -House, Baseball Fields, Basketball Court, Driveway, and Shed.

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Human Invironmental Interaction

HEI- How people adapt, modify, and depend on the environment Positive or Negative.

Adapt: Make something suitable for new use or purpose.

Modify: When you make partial or smaller changes to something.

Depend: When you rely on something for support.

I Adapt to my environment when the climate changes.

I Modify my environment when I have to cut the grass.

I Depend on my environment for rain and sunshine because otherwise my garden wouldn't grow


Movement: Is the way that people, products, ideas and information move from one place to another.

Transportation: I move around by using vehicles, walking and by often ridding a bike.

Goods: I have many products including toys, fruits, and veggies they all come from a variety of different countries.

Communication: I communicate by Snapchat, texting, calling, and facetime, I also obviously talk face to face.


Region: An area that is defined by certain similar and unifying characteristics.

One Human characteristics is that we have adapt to the climate.

One Physical characteristics is that we have a lot of lakes.

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