The Falcon's Malteser

Created by Miguel Portilla Author: Anthony Horowitz

Story Elements

The Falcon's Malteser takes place in Fulham during the past. The main conflict in the story is that the diamond brothers received a box of malteser, but little as they know its a key to finding the hidden diamonds. The book begins with the diamond brothers opening their private detective store. Pick up the book to find out.

Character Analysis

The main character is Nick Diamond. Three words to describe the main character are Bravely, funny, and smart. The character is motivated by his older brother Herbert diamond, finding the diamond, & becoming a very good detective. I like the main character because he is only 13 years old, and he is a very hard working detective. The relationship between Nick & Herbert is very good because they both have each others back and work well together as brothers.


The theme of the novel is teamwork, and hard work pays off. One example that supports the theme is every time the diamond brothers were in a conflict they always got up, and working back up again. Another example they were both a perfect team by never giving up. A third example from the book is they became better brothers by helping each other. A final example that supports theme is they were became better detectives by solving clues.


Teens can't really relate to this novel because in this novel is basically about two brothers being detectives, and teens aren't really detectives until there adults, or just never become detectives.