Midwest Region

By:Thelma Turner

Where is the Midwest Region located?

The Midwest Region is located near Canada and all the regions,and the great lakes.

What are the states in the Midwest Region

The states are North Dakota, South Dakota,Nebraska, Kansas City, Minnesota,Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio those are the states in the Midwest Region.

The climate in the Midwest Region

The climate in the Midwest is spring,summer,fall,winter that is what the climate is in the Midwest

Interesting facts about the Midwest Region

1.My Mom was born in Indiana.

2.Apple orchards are known their a lot.

3.It revolves around the Great Lakes.

4.The Midwest Region has several different nicknames.

5.A place in the Midwest Region is the grand rapids.

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My Region is the best!

My Region is the best because I live here their and My mom lived their and the great lakes are beautiful.