From the Inhinyera President

Jessica Mendez Pabillore

Yes we can!

Every time someone would approach and ask me why I took Engineering, I would stop for a while and reflect to the real reason why I took my program. Sometimes, it is very hard to tell people your story but it is always overwhelming nonetheless. Some would find it amazing that a women like me is taking up a program that is actually dominated by men while other would try to talk me out of my program. What I do is, I welcome all ideas but I make sure to absorb all those that will inspire and help me grow then I make it a habit to check on the negative part and try to make it positive.

Well, they say that Engineering Profession is technically designed for men and four years ago, I chose to oppose that proposition and entered this “Engineering World” with nothing but courage and love for design and innovation. As the years went by, I further saw the beauty of Engineering for all its worth and I was inspired by everything that I can do through it. This mainly is the reason why I joined Inhinyera; I wanted to share this inspiration to other aspiring young Women Engineers.

And now, I am privileged to work with a talented and dedicated group of young women individuals from both QC and Manila campuses and with the community rich in vitality and promise – the TIP Community. It is my great honor to serve you all as the first president of Inhinyera, the TIP Women in Engineering Advocacy. I thank you all for the

opportunity and the trust you have placed in me.

College serves as a gateway to better opportunity and Engineering is one of the professions that our ever-changing world demands. Though sadly, most young women students don’t consider engineering as a career because of the negative gender stereotyping. There goes our mission, to inspire women students to consider engineering as a career path and ultimately encourage women engineering students to develop and achieve their full potential as engineers.

We will commit ourselves to the idea that despite diverse needs and goals, inspiring these young women to enrol in college, especially in the field of Engineering means that they are making a commitment to a better future. And it will now become our Community’s duty - the TIP Community, to ensure that they will have a solid, high quality education that prepares them from anything that may come along the way.

Inspiring young women students to the field of Engineering in College plays an essential role in uplifting the community by opening doors for those who have nowhere else to turn because there may be individuals who may have the will and determination to succeed but are lacking in confidence and resources. And it is our job to persuade and guide them on the path for a better future – a path that will transform their thinking, perceptions and aspirations.

This idea should motivate and inspire us to the importance of our organization – Inhinyera, in overcoming the obstacles we still face.

Let us light the torch for the active advocacy of women’s strategic role in engineering.

Let us break down the barriers to women’s potential in the field of engineering so as to raise awareness that women engineers are just as capable as male engineers.

Let us ignite the women’s interest in engineering and technology as a real career option.

And let us dream for a world where there is a significant number of Filipino women engineers, recognized and admired for contributing their knowledge and expertise in promoting engineering education as the means to meet the ever-changing demands of global industries.

We can.

Yes, we can! Because we are Inhinyeras.