French Guiana

By: Marin Oehler

About French Guiana...


French Guiana is located in the Northern part of South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. It is inbetween Brazil and Suriname.


French Guiana is still currently ruled by France, with President François Hollande as their leader. The French government is also known as the French Republic. French Guiana is in good terms with France, Switzerland, the United States, Trinidad, Tobago, and Italy.

Economic and Trade Information...

French Guiana's currency is the Euro(EUR) and have capitalism economic system.


French Guiana imports food, like grains and processed meat, machinery/transport equiptment, fuels, and chemicals. It is imported to mostly France(63%), United states, Trinidad, Tabago, and Italy.


French Guiana exports saw logs, shrimp, timber, gold, rum, rosewood essence, and clothing. Like imports, France has the majority of 62%. Exports also go to Switzerland(7%) and the United States(2%).

Cities and Tourism...

More Facts...

  • The official language of French Guiana is French. 100% of the population speaks it!
  • French Guiana consits of many low-lying coastal plains, that rise to hills or small mountains.
  • Since French Guiana is ruled by France, the flag is the French Flag