By: Reece Fox

Part 1:

In Shakespeare's "Macbeth", Macbeth's fatal flaw of being a mortal coward leads to his death at the end of the play. His intentions were originally to defend Scotland, but once he realized there was an opportunity for him to be king, his actions changed. He became obsessed with having power, which led to him murdering King Duncan and his servants, Macduff and Lady Macduff, Siward, and Banquo. Anyone that posed a threat to his throne, he killed. I think he was a decent flawed hero until he let the power get to his head. He was so caught up in being king that he was unburdened by Lady Macbeth's death. With Lady Macbeth dead, there was no one around to give Macbeth the courage to kill more people except the three witches. However, the witches ended up turning on Macbeth and he became so overtaked by guilt that he embraced his death.

Part 2:

V from the movie "V for Vendetta" wan an anti-hero that existed in a harshly dictated dystopian society. The british society that he lived in did not allow induvidual freedoms, had strict curfews, had no privacy, and had a dark past with running inhumane tests on people. One of these people was V, who spent years plotting vengeance against the government. He wanted these "monsters" to know the pain and suffering that he and many others endured for the governments own pleasure and selfish desires. To fight back and get his revenge on the government, V took one thing at a time. He began putting out messages to the public, specifically when he overpowered BTN and played a recorded tape that encouraged society to not conform to the government's set norms. He then began killing government officials, specifically those who were involved in the biological torture and testing, and bombed the Old Bailey Building. On the 5th of November, a year, later, he planned to send a train full of explosives to the House of Parliament and finish the job. In the process of all this revenge, V fell in love with Evey, and taught her to lose her fear. This allowed his plan to be successful in the end when Evey had to send off the train full of explosives because V had died. Even though V died, his plan still worked out and the influence he had on the dystopian society caused the public to rise up and take a stand.